Roof Maintenance

A Word on RUST
In our tropical climate, electrolysis between dissimilar metals is a common occurence on roofs. Zincalume steel and Colorbond roof sheeting do not like contact with lead, copper or stainless steel. When lead is in contact with Zincalume metal and there is moisture between them, a small electric current is generated and the ‘weaker’ material (zincalume steel) sacrifices itself by ‘rusting’. This leads to premature deterioration of the protective coating of the metal roof sheet. 

Often it is cheaper to get the roofing professionals to perform a roof replacement rather that to keep repairing a faulty roof.

If a roof is rusty and near the end of its life, painting, patch repairs and other temporary repairs will not add substantially to the life of that roof. Because the roof has to be replaced anyway (sometimes quite soon), the extra costs of the roof repair work and any other repair work to the ceilings and house interiors are all in addition to the roof replacement costs. It is better to ‘bite the bullet’ and opt for a roof replacement before wasting any more money doing temporary repair work.

For an inspection of your property and consultation to discuss your options, please give us a call on 1800ABSTRACT or use the Contact page to send us an email.
Appropriate Roof and Guttering Maintenance could save you thousands...
Little or no maintenance can cause serious damage to roofs, and shorten their life span substantially!
Some factors include:

*Downpipes, gutters or valleys blocked with leaves and debris causing rust and in time, water leaks.
*Aged and cracked silicone joints on gutters and downpipes.
*Damage from strong winds and cyclones is far more likely if your roof has been untended for a number of years.
*Not to mention, a rusty roof will definitely not add any value to your home!
Our team consists of very experienced and professional tradesmen that can fulfil all your roof maintenance requirements.  We can ensure conservation of your roof is stress-free and affordable.
Proactive Maintenance
Problems with your roof are easily avoidable with regular maintenance.  Abstract Roofing's Roof Management can offer you a hassle free maintenance program to suit your needs and prolong the life of your roof.  This will ensure your family's safety when cyclone season comes around, and save you money on water damage bills for ceilings, carpets, furniture and electrical items. 

Our Proactive Maintenance Program includes:
* Written roof report on our first visit to determine the extent of your maintenance requirements.
* Detailed inspection of your roof every 6 months.
* Repairs of old flashings, deteriorated screws, rubber seals and silicone.
* Averting any potential leaks, ponding or rust.
* Organisation of specialised access equipment if necessary.
* Cleaning of gutters and downpipes periodically to prevent rust, blockage of debris, etc.
* Reactive Maintenance
Abstract’s Roof Management guarantees quick and efficient response to all urgent call outs.  Our skilled tradesman will be on site to repair roof leaks and all associated roof problems by the time requested by you.
Priority Services:
We have different levels of response, 
please give us a call to discuss pricing tiers.
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